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What Clients Say

What Clients Say

Here’s what other financial advisors have to say about their experiences working with Henschen & Associates to find the right broker dealer. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you find the broker dealer that suits your needs, style and temperament.

Thanks for sparing me from the “Goldilocks” syndrome. I’m happy I started my own search in March and met with other companies because it gave me an overview of how to assess many of the facts you so brilliantly provide in all your support materials. Your service enabled me to cast a wider net. Most importantly, you listen, hear and assimilate what an advisor wants. Your knowledge of our industry allows you to cut to the chase, cast off the chaff and reveal the nuggets to the advisor. Your guidance on rep expenses, transition money, financial profile, reputation and focus of the firm, and number of reps are truly invaluable.

I couldn’t have achieved my goal with the confidence and speed (my being between a rock and a hard place) without your fabulous knowledge, contacts and newsletters!

– L. Valentic, CA

In 2014, my partner and I came to the conclusion that it was time to change broker dealers. Our first call was to Jon Henschen, who had been a wonderful help when we looked for our first broker dealer in 2005. For the second time in our careers, Jon walked us through the minefield that is the transition environment, answered all of our questions and exhibited extreme patience. We are very pleased with our choice of a new BD and extremely grateful for all the help Jon provided.

– R. Ramos, MD

In a world of compliance, the broker dealer community has changed immensely. Violations are now almost the kiss of death. The question was, “Who do I turn to?” Then I met Jon Henschen. Jon took the worry and anxiety out of the process. He found me a home—not just any broker dealer but the right broker dealer for me. Jon was constantly there to give support when things looked bleak.

– R. D’Ambola, NJ

When it comes to transitioning to a new broker/dealer, each office and advisor should really analyze their ability to practice patience through the entire process. And thankfully, Jon demonstrated that characteristic in working with us. We had time to research each firm that he suggested to us, and probably took too much time making a decision. But he never rushed us, or pushed us in any one direction. He simply guided us down the path, allowing us to move at our own pace. That definitely helped us feel more confident in the choice we made.

– Roger Deal, NE

Had it not been for the help of Henschen & Associates, I would not have known the ideal independent broker dealer match for me. They made my search painless. I am grateful for the services they provided.

– M. Trexel, CA

We began our search for a broker dealer trying to do the research on our own. We were introduced to Jon and he spent the time to learn about our groups practices and pulled from his resources to narrow the search to broker dealers that fit us the best. I would without hesitation tell you that Jon saved us countless hours of due diligence that would have been impossible for us to do justice on our own. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking to change broker/dealer.

– R. Gholson, IL

Jon Henschen and his firm went to great lengths to find an excellent match (they have) superior contacts, credentials and professionalism.

– C. Cowen, FL

Jon was highly instrumental in helping me navigate the vast sea of independent broker/dealers. With all the wholesalers that I spoke with promising how great they are, I found it a difficult task to find the right broker/dealer that would “fit” my tenure and practice focus. Jon has vast knowledge and integrity to help the advisor with this daunting decision. I would recommend him very highly!

– J. Pocock, GA

Jon Henschen personally assisted in my difficult placement. He is such a caring, knowledgeable professional. The must-use recruiting firm for independent financial advisors.

– M. Woloshin, NJ

I’ve found Henschen & Assoc. incredibly knowledgeable about the inner workings of the securities industry. They’re reliable, seem to know everyone, and have become an invaluable resource.

– J. DeVol, PA

Henschen & Associates was an invaluable resource when I was looking to relocate my book of business. I had very specific needs and little time to do the research and they were able to take the ‘ball and run.’ They introduced several situations with firms that met my needs. After a short period of time, we found the right firm and Jon Henschen helped negotiate the best deal for me. Jon really made the daunting prospect of changing firms a smooth and easy transition.

– L. Johnson, PA

In the Fall of 2005 I was seeking my “Last Broker Dealer” and the choices seemed to confuse me more than anything else. Jon Henschen asked me all the right questions and directed me to several excellent firms for follow-up. I then did more leg work/due diligence before agreeing to sign with my best choice. I felt comfortable doing so because Henschen & Associates had narrowed the field beforehand and the final decision came naturally. Thank you Jon!

– B. Green, CA

After three decades in the financial services business, I had built up an abundant supply of cynicism regarding recruiters. My needs were a bit unusual and demanding. Jon was mentioned as someone who really knew our industry and would personally pursue firms that otherwise might not be commonly known by advisors. His advice was taken and I could not be more pleased. I say with confidence that I would have gone to a lesser firm had I not had discussions with Henschen & Associates.

– C. Owen, TX

When my partner and I started looking for a new independent broker/dealer, I contacted Henschen & Associates. In just a few days, they were able to research the broker/dealers that met our parameters and gave us honest, up-front answers to our questions. Henschen & Associates gave us information that would have taken my partner and me several weeks to gather, while allowing us to stay focused on our business.

– J. Ridder, NE

Henschen & Associates accomplished in 48 hours what would have taken me weeks. Their contacts with the best, competitive firms are amazing. They were able to dissect my needs and business, and line me up with a perfect match, all in one smooth seamless transition. I couldn’t have made the change without them. Thanks

– D. Johnson, CA

Henschen and Associates was a tremendous asset in our search for a new broker-dealer. They took the time to assess our practice and our needs before they began their search and provided us with several broker-dealers for our evaluation. Throughout the due diligence process, they remained engaged and helpful in our decision-making process. I feel like we found the perfect match for our needs and would recommend their services for any advisor looking to make a move.

– Tom Karsten, TX

Thank you for helping me find a broker/dealer that provides the services I was looking for. You made the transition very easy and within a few weeks I was back to business as usual. I would gladly recommend your firm to any financial advisor.

– M. Adamson, NJ

When you are looking for a recruiter you want someone who has industry insight, reliable connections, character, patience and someone who is willing to put your needs at the forefront. It is very rare to find all these traits in one individual but these are the qualities that Jon Henschen brings to the table. Henschen & Associates is an asset for anyone who is searching for a broker dealer.

– Aadil Zaman, NY

Without a doubt, Jon Henschen’s expertise enabled me to make my switch from wire house to independent absolutely seamless. Because of Henschen & Associates good work and due diligence, I feel confident that I made the right choice in a very complex market.

– C. Dunn, AZ