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Bottom Line

In-depth due diligence and attention to detail sets us apart in independent broker dealer recruiting.

1.We get to know you.
We start with a confidential phone call to get to know you and what you need in a broker dealer to improve your business.

2. We research and identify the top independent broker dealer matches.
Based on your criteria, we research independent broker dealer options among a pool of over 90 broker dealers and identify the top two or three that best suit your needs.

3. We present your best-fit options.
We’ll discuss your best-fit options and highlight the key points of the firms we recommend. We then have these firms send their marketing materials to you and have them contact you for further discussions and to answer questions.

4. We stand by you through your decision-making process.
We will work as closely with you as you need after best-fit firms have been discussed. Many advisors use us as a sounding board, helping them hone in on their choices and be more effective in their due diligence. Our guidance will also help ensure you don’t get shortchanged on items that are potentially negotiable such as ticket charges, transition expenses and payouts.

Specialized. Candid. Discreet.