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Do you need pricing value or value added services?

Representatives are often times mismatched to their broker dealer, ultimately paying for services they don’t use or needing services to expand their business but their broker dealer can’t supply those business tools.

Which Type of Rep Are You?

  • Reps who are self-sufficient, don’t need broker dealer services and want value pricing on ticket charges, rep directed advisory administrative fees and higher payouts.
  • Reps who need support from their broker dealer for services such as practice management, marketing help, business development and product specialists in order to continually raise their production level.

We Can Helping You Net More

In our daily research on broker dealers, we seek out pricing inefficiencies in the broker dealer marketplace that will net you more revenue. Examples:

  • Advisor-managed platforms that charges $25 per account annually for billing and performance reporting rather than basis points on assets.
  • All-inclusive advisory wrap accounts with administration fees that also cover ticket charges for as low as 14 bps.
  • Payouts for larger producers and groups up to 100% on advisory and 95% on commission product

At Henschen & Associates we strive to match you to the broker dealer with the set of services and pricing structures that meets your specific needs.