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Merge / Sell

Looking to sell or merge your broker dealer? Talk to us.

Over the last two years, the regulatory landscape has created some dramatic upheaval in our industry. New fiduciary standards in 2017 will make compliance and profitability even more challenging than what we have already experienced with Dodd/Frank.

If you are a smaller broker dealer, you are likely facing DOL rules that disproportionally impact how you conduct your business and the profitability levels you can hope to achieve.

These new challenges may also present opportunities. Are you thinking about retiring or exploring other interests? Perhaps you are considering becoming a super OSJ under a larger broker dealer, which will allow you to continue making overrides on your group of advisors—without having to deal with the mounting compliance and business processing and tracking burdens.

Henschen & Associates is ready to help you make the transition. We have the experience and contacts to help you find the right culture, personalities and temperaments that will help ensure a high retention rate. After all, without a high retention, a high sale price becomes irrelevant. We can also help guide you in terms of realistic valuations in selling your firm and timeline expectations for the process.

If you are interested in exploring a sale of your broker dealer, merging, or becoming a Super OSJ under a larger firm, give us a call today.

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