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Is LPL’s Purchase of NPH Savvy or Reckless?

21:05 16 August in In the News

August 16, 2017

By Janet Levaux, ThinkAdvisor

Analysts and executives discuss the pros and cons of the IBD’s $325 million purchase

LPL Financial announced the much-anticipated purchase of National Planning Holdings, an affiliate of Jackson National Life, and its four broker-dealers late Tuesday.

Early Wednesday, CEO and President Dan Arnold and CFO Matt Audette spoke with equity analysts about the news and highlighted details of what could be a profitable but also highly complex merger.

Here are some of the issues raised during the discussion, with input from some analysts on the call and insights from outside industry sources, pointing to potential benefits and pitfalls of the transaction.

The Price Tag

At $325 million initially and with a possible contingency payment of up to $123 million,

LPL Pays $325 Million for Jackson National B/Ds

17:12 16 August in In the News

August 15, 2017

By Diana Britton, Michael Thrasher,

The deal brings another 3,200 advisors to the nation’s largest independent broker/dealer, and it’s the latest in a trend of insurance firms exiting the b/d business.

The U.S.’s largest independent broker/dealer just got bigger. LPL Financial announced Tuesday it had acquired National Planning Holdings, the network of broker/dealers affiliated with Jackson National Life Insurance Company, from Prudential, for $325 million. The deal will add 3,200 advisors to LPL’s network.

The deal is the latest example of an insurance company shredding a brokerage business. Last week, independent b/d Kestra Financial entered an agreement to acquire H. Beck, a firm owned by insurance company Securian Financial Group, adding about 600 advisors and $2.4 billion in client assets to Kestra’s platform.


Will LPL’s New NPH Reps Stay or Go?

16:29 16 August in In the News

August 15, 2017

By Janet Levaux, ThinkAdvisor


LPL Financial said Tuesday that it bought National Planning Holdings’ four broker-dealers — National Planning Corp., Invest Financial, Investment Centers of America and SII Investments — for $325 million.

The independent broker-dealer aims to pick up about 3,200 advisors with $120 billion of client assets—putting the combined group at 17,500 and $660 billion in assets. LPL says it will pay up to $123 million more in the first half of 2018 if 72% of NPH advisors’ production (fees & commissions revenue) joins the company.

It’s worth noting, that LPL reserves the right to “not transfer a small subset of representatives who do not meet certain affiliation criteria,” according to a memo sent to NPH advisors and obtained by ThinkAdvisor.