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Broker Dealer Compliance

We’ll help you steer clear of broker dealers in the cross hairs of FINRA.

Broker dealers that have been under heavy FINRA scrutiny can present extra problems for representatives. This may come in the form of excessive paperwork, restrictive compliance policies that inhibit your ability to market yourself, or potentially higher costs for Errors and Omission Insurance.

When we examine a broker dealer’s compliance history, we take the extra step by also reviewing the compliance records of their representatives. Why?  Because broker dealers that bring on numerous representatives with compliance problems can be a recipe for future disaster.

What We Look At:

  • FINRA history for compliance problems
  • For some broker dealers we look at the compliance history of the advisors if we are concerned that the broker dealer is a sanctuary for problematic advisors
  • Press history: We examine if the firm has a press history that will reflect poorly on you when clients Google the name of your broker dealer

At Henschen & Associates, we know the independent broker dealers that are bogged down by compliance issues and we’ll help you steer clear of them.

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