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Why Choose Henschen & Associates?

Successful advisors rarely have the time and resources to search out just the right broker dealer relationship. We do.

Here are a few examples of issues we’ve helped reps solve:

  • With the dollar likely to drop dramatically in the future, I would like a firm that allows me to custody client assets in foreign currencies.
  • We are at the point where we are doing mostly Advisory business under our own RIA and a small amount of commission business and collecting trails. A firm that takes no haircut on the Advisory portion of our business but enables us to continue to do commission business would be ideal.
  • My Advisory practice has grown to the point where it would make sense to lower our administrative expenses, so I need a firm that offers value on their Advisory wrap platforms.
  • Our current firm is very restrictive on Alternative Investments. We need a firm that is not only broad based on these types of investments, but also open to adding additional product.
  • Most of our clients are institutional, so we need a firm that has quality block trading on stocks, not charging cents per share on stock ticket charges and has the ability to do DVP accounts.
  • Our business is at a point where we need help from a broker dealer in running our office more efficiently, help with our business/marketing plans and a back office that has technology that will save us more time.
  • My partner and I are interested in doing our Advisory through TD Ameritrade but our broker dealer is not open to outside firms and won’t let us have our own RIA.
  • I’m by myself feeling like an island. It would be nice to be part of a group that has some sales synergy and could help me out with my marketing.
  • It feels like I’ll never find a broker dealer that will take me because I have three marks on my compliance history.
  • Our group has grown to several million dollars of gross dealer concession, yet having that amount of production doesn’t seem to bring any additional leverage from our broker dealer in the form of higher payout or marketing and recruiting support
  • My business has grown to the point that I’m interested in exploring “Roll Up” opportunities where I can get three to five times cash flow for my practice and either phase out in a few years or continue my practice long term, continuing to grow with the help of the firm I partner with.